Do You Believe Your Landlord Has Been Negligent?

Do You Believe Your Landlord Has Been Negligent?

Call Cranmer Law, LLC for your landlord-tenant dispute in Baton Rouge, LA

When you’re paying a landlord for a place to stay, you expect certain things for your comfort and safety. If you believe your landlord has violated health and housing codes, you may have grounds to sue them. Call Cranmer Law, LLC as soon as possible to discuss taking legal action against your landlord. Contact a landlord-tenant attorney in Baton Rouge, LA for assistance.

When can you sue a landlord for negligence?

There are many situations where you would have grounds for a lawsuit. Contact Cranmer Law as soon as possible if your landlord neglected to:

  • Fix plumbing leaks
  • Repair faulty smoke detectors
  • Address broken stairs, toilets or locks
  • Install lighting or security features

Attorney Cranmer will take a close look at your lease contract to determine if your landlord was in complete violation of the terms of your agreement. No matter what, if your health and safety were at risk because of their negligence, call Cranmer Law to take legal action.