Outstanding Debts

Outstanding Debts

Enlist the help of our Debt Collection Lawyer based in Baton Rouge, LA

Our debt collection lawyer is well versed in both pursuing debts and defending outstanding debt. Regardless of the assistance you need, Cranmer Law, LLC will fight for the best result possible.

Pursuing Outstanding Debts

Tracking down delinquent clients on your own can be time consuming and uncomfortable. Let our debt collection attorney help you come up with a solution. Our attorney can generate a letter requesting payment and also sue on your behalf. We will collect on outstanding debts by garnishing wages or seizing property of the debtor. Don't put yourself or your business at risk, call attorney Cranmer today

Defending Outstanding Debts

Do you need help with debt collection calls or have you been hit with a debt collection lawsuit? You have debt collection rights and our Baton Rouge, LA attorney can help you explore your options. The most important thing is to respond to the notice about the lawsuit. Our attorney will fight for you in court to challenge the lawsuit. Contact us today for a free consultation.